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Founded in 1998, Noēsis is the journal of undergraduate philosophy at the University of Toronto. The students whose work appears in our journals are all undergraduate students, as are the editors who volunteer to select and edit the papers.

Undergraduate Editorial Board


Evelyn Rose Maude

Evelyn is a fourth-year student specializing in philosophy. She studies early modern European thought, especially philosophical problems from Spinoza and Kant. She is also interested in Platonism and in analytic philosophy. Her interests outside of philosophy include classic film history and Latin.

Aman Sakhardande

Aman is a fifth-year student studying philosophy and linguistics. His philosophical interests include phenomenology, psychoanalysis, and postcolonial theory. He has recently spent a lot of time thinking about Heidegger. Outside of academics, he enjoys walking, running, and biking.


Salem Kakish

Salem is a third-year philosophy specialist. His main philosophical interests lie in legal philosophy, political philosophy, and ethics. More specifically, he is interested in the legitimacy of judicial review and the ethics of property and charity. Outside of philosophy, Salem enjoys competing in mock trial, travel, tennis, and entertaining a small sartorial hobby.

Luke Krikorian

Luke is a third-year philosophy and computer science student with a broad interest in continental philosophy: particularly, critical phenomenological approaches to philosophy of mind and artificial cognition; genealogical approaches to philosophy; and contemporary post-structuralist philosophy. Outside of school, he likes to bike, walk, and watch movies.

Cal Fried

Cal is a fourth-year philosophy specialist with a minor in Latin. She focuses on ancient and medieval philosophy, and within that historical period, she is interested in metaphysics and epistemology. In her rare moments of free time, she enjoys cooking and movie nights with her friends.

Alexander Trachsell

Alex is a fifth-year philosophy major. His interests include free will, ethics, and conceptual engineering. He is specifically interested in the moral ramifications and possibilities created by giving up traditionally held beliefs. Engaging in his love of music and open-minded discussion, Alex can also be heard hosting Tracks From Abroad, a CIUT-FM radio program.

Fei Zhou

Fei is a fourth-year philosophy specialist with a focus on philosophy of language and philosophy of mind, as well as the neo-pragmatist tradition. Other areas of interest include analytic metaphysics, epistemology, and a strong curiosity in meta-ethics. Outside of philosophy, Fei enjoys travelling and has been working as a wedding photographer for the past decade.

Aayu Pandey

Aayu is a fourth-year student specializing in physics and philosophy with a mathematics minor. Their philosophical interests include metaphysics, epistemology, logic, and philosophy of science and physics. Aayu’s research projects include topics in scientific change, scientific methods, and philosophy of quantum mechanics. Outside philosophy, Aayu loves modernist literature, differential equations, and making meals with friends.

Otan Shafizadeh

Otan is a third-year philosophy major with a minor in French language and environmental studies. His philosophical interests include Marxism, philosophical anthropology, and social-political philosophy. When not reading philosophy he enjoys going to the gym, listening to music, and learning Near Eastern history.

Chris Zhu

Chris is a fourth-year philosophy specialist with an unrelated side-gig in computer science. Their philosophical interests include phenomenology, psychoanalysis, and the broader continental tradition. Outside of academics, they enjoy drawing, writing, and sipping cold brew. Please do not speak to them about computer science.

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